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Running Shorts for Women

Types of Running Shorts for Women

APR 26 2010

There are numerous types of running shorts for women to choose from like the 3 Boardwalk shorts, Nike Tempo Track Shorts and many others. Running shorts for women are designed keeping in view the needs of the jogging women. If you are wearing just the right type of running shorts, you will simply enjoy the run especially if it is the summer month.

Running shorts serve best the needs of those women for whom exercise is a part of their daily routine. They are cool and comfortable so you can easily wear them when you go out for jogging. Gone are the days when running shorts came in just cotton, now they are available in a variety of fabrics for you to choose from. The Adidas Company has its own climacool shorts specifically designed for women runners.

Features of Running Shorts

It is to be noted that runners never compromise not the quality of the running shorts. They are likely to spend an extra amount of money but want to get the best in terms of quality and comfort. So a variety of shorts in various price range and colours are available in the market. Retro running shorts are also very much a favourite of women runners. But before buying the shorts it is better if you wear them and check them in the store itself whether they fit you properly and are you feeling comfortable in them. There are women who would opt for V cut leg or split leg running shorts but it is solely your choice.

Types of Running Shorts

There are a large variety of running shorts available to choose from.

3” Boardwalk short- made from the fabric which keeps it breathable and the mesh enables it remain cool always, they can be worn for the morning jogging. Apart from that it comes with an inner pocket and an ipod pocket. They are considered to be quite fit from exercise point of view.

Nike Tempo Track Short- these shorts are considered to be the best shorts for women when it comes to exercising and jogging. They come with an elastic waistband, and an inside pocket which is large enough to take with you whatever you want. The reviews from women reveal that they are a favourite amongst the women runners for the comfort they provide.

Nike Livestrong Tempo Track Short- They are designed in a way that even in extreme weather conditions they will keep your legs sweat free and dry. They are available in various lengths. The good thing is that there are a variety of colours to choose from like black, white, yellow.

Women's Low-rider Running Shorts- They are available in various colours and provide breathability. They are comfortable to wear and makes running easy and exciting.

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