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Running Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginner Runners

MAY 14 2010

There are a number of tips which beginners need to know in running, this will help them a lot in knowing what they ought to do and what they should abstain from. In the absence of proper running tips for beginners there are likely chances that you will simply end up hurting yourself and may never take up running again

Running is an art and if you really want to enjoy running in its truest form then surely you need to know of the various dos and don’ts of running. A large number of tips are available for the beginners who are just starting with the running.

Exercise before running is a must. A proper stretching and warm up before the running makes the body get ready for the long run. So whenever you begin running, make sure you do a little warm up. This is also important as it will prevent cramps which otherwise you might get after running.

What You Wear is Important

Don’t think you can get a good run with whatever you wear. Running too need its proper set of clothes and other accessories. You have to wear comfortable dress when you run; this should neither be too fit not too loose or else it might come in the way of running. Your shoes too matter a lot. You need to wear comfortable shoes with a good mesh and nylon upper. They should have a good traction system and must be of good quality. Wear nylon socks which are capable of wicking away the moisture.

Setting a realistic goal for your running is equally important. If you think you can run 10 miles on the very first day then surely you are wrong. Set small running goals and try to achieve them. Once you have done that, go for making a higher goal for yourself. Don’t exert yourself.

You need to get yourself checked by a good physician before you start your running programme. This is primarily done to ensure that you will not have any health related problems when you start running.

Diet and Nutrition is Important

What you eat and drink plays a major role in determining your running. Drinking plenty of fluids will help you in your running. This means you need to carry a water bottle always when you go for running so that you never become dehydrated. Drink juices and sports drink at regular intervals. When it comes to you food, proper nutrition is essential. Immediately before the run, eat only light food which is rich in carbohydrates. Avoid oily and protein rich food before the run.

If you run in winter season, make it a point to run in a group and get proper breathing. Wear jackets and give more time to your body for warm up.

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