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Running Tips for Women

Women Running Tips

MAY 4 2011

Women running tips are available in large number but you need to follow them as well if you want to make the best of running schedule. Running tips for women include having a proper running gear, avoiding closed spaces, taking proper nutrition and diet. It is better to run in an open park rather than a closed one.

With health and fitness becoming the buzzwords these day, more and more women are opting for running in order to keep themselves physically and mentally strong. However the way women runs differs a lot from male runners.

Running is said to be one of the cost effective forms of exercise and hence mostly followed.

Tips for Women Runners:

  • When you are just starting with the running, start with stretching up your muscles a bit.
  • Make sure you are having the essential running gear with you when you are moving out to run. This includes not just running shoes but also sports bra, and good running clothes which makes you feel comfortable.
  • Even if you are pregnant you shouldn’t stop running, but make sure you consult your doctor first.
  • Cross training is also said to be good for women runners, try to go for it once in a week, this might include swimming, cycling etc.
  • Never ever think of running to far off places in the beginning of your running routines. Rather try to run at the nearby parks or roads and once you have become accustomed to running that you should go to run for longer hours.
  • It is recommended that you should run as much as possible on even surfaces rather than trying too hard on the rugged terrains.
  • Taking proper rest and opting for yoga or meditation too is important for your body. Don’t forget to opt for these mind relieving exercises.
  • Make sure you are eating properly, taking proper diet and nutrition.

Do’s and Dont’s of Women Running:

  • It is good for women runners if they are able to run with a partner. This way they will not just enjoy the run but also feel more protective also.
  • It is not advisable that women should run at night time especially due to the crime rate in the society.
  • Make sure, you are carrying your cell phone with you so that you can call anyone if there is a need on the way.
  • Your safety should be of prime concern to you and hence you should do everything possible to make sure that when you are running you are safe.

Most of the time women in the present day society remain under constant stress due to family and professional reasons, for these women running is one of the best stress relievers.

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