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Running Warm Up Stretches

Warm Up Stretches for Running

JUN 21 2011

There are various types of running stretches which need to be followed by the runners, these give strength and flexibility to the runners and are good warm up exercises. Running warm up stretches include hamstring stretch, wall push ups, Small Lunges, Back Stretch. These need to be done properly by runners.

For the running to be effective and worth opting for, it is very important that you are following the right style and guidance with regard to running.

  • It needs to be mentioned that if you start running immediately without any stretching or warm up then surely you might be in a fix as it is not healthy for you and it also leads to more injuries and blisters. Thus stretching up before you begin the running schedule is of prime importance.
  • If you are following a good and effective running program which includes not just running but stretching also then surely this will help you a lot in improving your running speed within a short period of time.
  • You should remember not to overstretch yourself when you start the running.

Wall Push Ups:

  • Wall Push ups are said to be one of the most favoured stretches for runners, most of the runners try to go for these.
  • You need to stand at least a little bit away from the wall and stand straight.
  • Your hands should be on the wall such that you are in a leaning position.
  • You need to bend your knees in a way that your calves are stretched.

Hamstring stretch:

  • For following this stretch you have to lie down straight on the floor of your house and raise one of the legs.
  • Take a towel and loop it over the leg which you have lifted up. You need to be gentle and soft in pushing up the towel. Do this in a way that both the legs muscles start to stretch.

Small Lunges:

  • This is a big favourite amongst the runners.
  • Most of the runners prefer to do this just before running as it is said to help in stretching a lot.
  • In this, you have to put your hands on your head and then let one of your feet move forward a bit and make sure the other is in a vertical position.

Back Stretch:

  • As you stand, you can bend your back forward and backward. This too helps to make your body stretchable which is essential for running.

You need to stretch fully before you begin your running exercises, this is important to make your body flexible. When it comes to stretching, make sure that you are stretching your lower back, quadriceps, groin area, neck and calve muscles.

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