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Running With Asthma

Can One Run with Asthma

JUL 23 2009

Asthma patients shouldn’t loose their heart. Basic discipline and regular practice of some easier steps can completely change the scenario and one may master in different running techniques while also suffering from asthma. Maintain weight and shed extra fat to attain that flexible posture which helps you run faster and effectively even though asthma have dominated you.

Most overweight people face certain complications that affect their level of asthma hence shedding extra pounds through regular running is a welcome step.

Running with asthma can be a dream cum true if certain rules are followed religiously. Re-evaluating dietary habit is the first and foremost process. You will come to know in your assessment that certain diets need to be avoided. Keeping away fatty, fried, sugar-coated and other unhealthy food helps a person lessen the impact of asthma. Eating fresh vegetables can be best option as they are rich in magnesium and keep lungs healthy that finally control asthma.

You are not only trying to lessen the impact of asthma but also wondering how you can run faster with it. Drink sufficient water and ensure that you had at least eight to ten glasses of it everyday. This practice reduces inflammation in lungs resultantly asthma patients get energised to run. Do remember most important factor though that there can’t be a combination of smoking, asthma and running.

Avoid Self Chosen Hazards: Asthma patients should never, ever practice smoking because it further worsens the situation. Likewise, alcohol too creates lots of problem for any of the asthma patients. One should reduce consumption of alcohol with immediate effect to keep the body feel better hence preparing it for a second innings in running and exercising.

The Technique: While running, an asthmatic patient mustn’t feel crazy to break certain speed records. The ultimate goal should be maintaining particular distance and improving in it with the passing of days. Consider your running routine a sort of regular project. Don’t try to be over smart and avoid crossing those limits prudently. This way you can have control over the next asthma attack. Furthermore, breathing exercises are crucial which helps you gain self-confidence and maintain required breath while running.

Framework of a particular running routine proves effective in meeting the target. Such steps inspire you to maintain running schedule without any fail. Make sure that you have developed a distance target for yourself while planning to run. This planning helps you run better and effectively even in your asthma. Keep checking your improvements after certain time period, say for a week. You’ll work slowly and this steadily growth would help you achieve the target besides fulfilling the goal of being a fastest runner even when suffering from asthma.

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