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Running With Breast Implants

Should One Run with Breast Implants

DEC 21 2009

Apprehensions keep haunting women about running with implanted breasts. Questions also arise why they go for breast implantation or reduction. Heavier breasts are major cause of concern for runners who face back, neck and shoulder pain, so do they encounter while exercising. As breast implant is major surgery it requires rest and precautions post treatment. Care is mandatory while running with such surgeries.

Before understanding the impact of running with breast implants assess main players which make running typical exercise. Running involves the body and shock is also felt in feet while they hit grounds. Such forces get transmitted through knees, spine and pelvis. Women undergoing large implants face drastic imbalance in body and henceforth they feel increase in force which thereby face additional weight. It causes pain in shoulders and spines.

Resume Running After Implantation

Ask your surgeon about stipulated time by which you would resume running without facing any physical or emotional harm. Stick to such rules briefed to you by the surgeon. Breast augmentation surgeries are typical and can cause too much damage if proper care is not done. You are asked to restrict your running, weight lifting and other such physical activities. Avoiding strenuous physical activities including running until you are healed completely and the blood pressure of body is normalised is necessary.

The ideal time period in which running with breast implants must be stopped completely is at least one week to ten days after the completion of surgery. Do note that you shouldn’t start marathon races soon after the stated time period. Try with walking and speed up the pace gradually to ensure that your body is capable to bear the burnt of running stresses. Make sure that you have worn appropriate support garments particularly sports bras while resuming running schedule.

Breast Reductions: When breast reductions are done by removing some weight from breasts problems like back pain, neck pain or shoulder grooving etc start. Such cases are commonly found in runners. It is must to have better control over body and avoid unnecessary surgical options especially when participating in running races. It must be borne in mind that large breast implants often invite typical problem in one’s body who feels discomfort in running. Consult your physician immediately and discuss everything in detail for knowing the pros and cons of breast implant and what impact they would have for running.

Keep Patience: Breast implant in itself is not a big deal. It is translated into typical problem when care is not given due importance. Patients must have patience and shouldn’t run until efficient arm movement is not achieved. Such typical problems usually arise in bigger breast implants when patients don’t wait and start running. As running involves whole body and there is continuous forward and backward movement in it one must feel its temperament after being operated for breast implantation.

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