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Running Workouts for Beginners

Tips for Beginners Running Workouts

DEC 20 2010

There are a number of running tips for beginners which are available like you need to wear good quality shoes and clothes, you should get checked by your physician. Running workouts for beginners include a number of healthy training exercises like fartlek, tempo runs, long distance runs. Start doing them regularly to get desired results.

Running is one of the best ways to stay fit and also in shape, for most of the people running is a passion and a way of life. However, there may be a number of people who might have turned off from running due to the wrong workouts, may be they have started with heavy workouts and thus couldn’t sustain running for long time. The key to effective running is to know the running workouts for beginners so that you stay fit and also continue running not just for a day or two but for your life.

Starting Running Workouts

It can be a tough challenge for the beginners, but with time they may get used to it. But you have to do some of the basic things as well before you start running like getting clothes for running which are comfortable and doesn’t stick to your body; getting good quality shoes which are well cushioned and easy to wear. Your socks should be such that they are able to wick away the moisture.

You need to make your goals clear and specific. Make sure they are achievable as well. At first try to make goals which are easier to achieve and then set tough goals. But be realistic in doing so. It is also recommended that beginners should get themselves checked by a good physician that they are perfectly healthy to go for long runs, once he says yes then surely you should start your workouts.

Tips for Effective Running

Don’t be over enthusiastic in the beginning and thereby spending long hours in running. If you do so chances are that you will leave running just after a few weeks. Start by running for 10 minutes daily and then slowly increase the timings day by day. Don’t forget to do the warm up exercises at the beginning of your running, this is known to prepare your body for the running activity.

Keeping a day off is also important. This is done to give your body rest in between the running and also get your injuries healed. You body will take a month or so to adapt to the new routine hence you should be persistent in your running and also be punctual. Try doing different kinds of workouts like cross country training, running on trails, fartlek, tempo runs, road intervals. You can also go for elliptical training if you wish to. Treadmill running is also opted for by a number of runners which is also healthy.

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