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Running a Marathon with a Cold

The Truth about Running a Marathon with Common Cold

MAR 16 2011

One of the hassles that can hit you during your marathon preparation is the existence of cold because this will distract you on concentrating to reach the finish line. If you are suffering from cold right now while you are preparing for the big event in your life, you need to discover the effects of practicing with a cold. Through this article, you will learn the truth about running a marathon with a cold.

If you easily catch cold that means your immune system is weak. Now, if you have cold and you are trying your best to prepare for the marathon race that you need to attend a few days of weeks from now but it would be better for you to postpone the practice for a while because colds can be very dangerous to your health as an active runner. With this statement, you already know the answer behind the question, “can a runner continue for the marathon preparation through practicing even if he has cold”.

Should You Run a Marathon with Cold?

So, why is it that running a marathon with a cold is not a good thing to do? According to experts, during a long and hard training the cold usually gets worse causing it to move from the nose into the chest thus, hindering the entire preparation further. This is absolutely a bad news so what you can do is to follow the advice of your doctor once you visited him for your check up.

Now, what will happen if the cold had been a resident on your chest and your cough is something that irritates the people around you? Of course you will need to stop your training for a while and you can resume once your doctor already told you so.

There is a general rule of thumb for runners that if the cold is just above the throat and you don’t have a fever, a gentle jog is allowed. If the location of the cold is either in the chest or throat this is the time that running will be prohibited. Believe it or not, there were lots of cases where runners continued their training with coughs and colds. As a result, the virus embedded in the cardiovascular system and ended up in the heart. Depending on your immunity, this can have fatal effects to your health so beware.

It is very important for you to listen to the advice of professionals and experts because they know what is likely to happen to you in the end. Yes, you will have a week of wasted hours in the bed but this is still better than for you to stay months in the hospital.

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