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Running after ACL Surgery

Guide to Run after ACL Surgery

DEC 31 2010

Lots of questions arise in the mind of runners undergoing ACL surgery like stipulated time for rest and at what juncture running would be resumed. One also wonders about different supplementary exercises to be done alongside running without causing harm to knees. As it is typical knee surgery running shouldn’t be resumed until complete fitness is achieved because it needs enough effort from knees.

Runners operated upon for ACL surgery can avoid complications of this surgery by giving room to patience which plays pivotal role in rejuvenating them. Starting running schedule early without looking into the pros and cons is not suitable and is harmful as well. Prominent medicinal techniques are applied for easy recovery. Neuromuscular training offer excellent response for quicker recovery. One must exercise regularly after knee surgery to have timely recovery.

Supplementary Exercising: Running is not big deal for professional runners even though they have undergone ACL surgery. But they should wait for sometime with patience and provide opportunity to body for the second innings in running. Best supplementary exercising options are available which can be performed for improvement of body and keeping it balanced. Exercise helps one have better joint control, muscle strength and develop stamina. When such aspects are taken care of for particular time period it becomes easy for runners to resume running.

Resume Running: Don’t run until and unless you haven’t developed stamina and the speed of muscle contraction has speeded up properly after your ACL surgery. At times recovery takes some months hence one may has to wait for that much of time for easy recovery. Prepare your body for running with renewed spirit. An exact calculation of such time frame has still not been defined due to varied body temperament and differences in stamina. Neuromuscular training is great exercising option for easy recovery after ACL surgery.

Precautions: Pain and swelling in knee is common after ACL surgery. Such surgeries show varied reaction from individual to individual hence recovery and result can’t be universal. Take precautionary and preventive measures which make recovery easier. You can think of resuming running schedule thereafter. But it doesn’t mean that with a bit of improvement one should don into running. Complete cure and fitness is the only way out. You can’t keep your knee fully straight after undergoing ACL surgery.

Although it is possible in many cases but such aspects are rare and may vary from one individual to the other. It is therefore mandatory to straighten knees the level best. Pillows shouldn’t be kept directly behind knee in such circumstances. Once you are in the position to do all categories of motions and have regained strength or are balancing yourself running can be resumed for a while. Keep practicing it with slower pace and increase gradually with the growth in stamina.


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