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Running and Ankle Injury

Precautions and Treatment of Ankle Injuries Caused from Running

AUG 15 2008

With running and ankle injury, there are various types of ankle injuries runners suffer from. Cases run from light to serious injuries. They may happen at any time with some problems recurring throughout the athlete’s career and lifetime.

Runners must be on the early lookout for injuries and they must treat problems promptly. Read on and know about ankle injury from this article.

Ankle Sprains

This is one of the most common injuries in running. Many runners get sprained in their ankles. Sudden movements, wrong turns and twists, and lack of enough warm-up time can definitely cause ankle sprains. Rest your ankle immediately and treat them with warm and cold compresses. With mild sprains, runners can keep training. Serious sprains should be given special attention and if needed, the runner must cease from workouts for a recommended period of time.

In this injury, the ankle ligament is often affected, often stretched excessively. Outer tears will cause pain on the outer side of the ankle joints while inner tears will cause pain on the inner side of the ankle joints. The more serious the tear, the more intense the pain will be. Casts and crutches may be needed during the treatment and recovery period as well as therapeutic massages. Running shoes may be fitted with extra cushioning and support during the recovery period. Make sure to have enough time warming up before commencing with your training.

Achilles Tendon Rupture

The Achilles Tendon (heel cord) is the largest in the human body. Calf muscle contraction causes this tendon to tighten, permitting various movements such as tiptoeing and jumping. Achilles tendon tears are called Achilles tendon ruptures.

Certain drugs or medicines can cause this tendon to weaken. Medical preconditions such as diabetes and arthritis are also contributing risk factors. Sports which require lots of running, jumping, and turning, risk athletes of this injury.

Intense pain is often felt in the tendon which often is accompanied by swelling and tightening. Maintain ankle movement to counter this tightening sensation. Seek advice regarding possible use of casts and braces. Depending on the severity of the injury, surgery may or may not be needed. This injury will need therapy.

Achilles Tendonitis

In many cases, the Achilles tendon does not rupture. In stead, it becomes inflamed. Inflammation is what Achilles Tendonitis is. This injury is brought about by lack of stretching reps, overuse, and wrong use. Healing by itself is often on a slow scale. Injury symptoms are pain, tightening, swelling or lumps. Pain may be mild to extreme. They may be felt on and off. It is important to decrease training and running hours if you have this injury. This injury may be recurrent and may also lead to a rupture. Older athletes are often affected. Rest is a definite prescription. Observe proper stretching and never overtrain. Apply ice packs and compress. Use casts for serious conditions.

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