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Running and Walking a Half Marathon

Half Marathon Running and Walking

JUL 30 2010

Participating in half marathon is said to be full of enjoyment for most of the runners, as it measures your fitness level and strength and also prepares you for the marathon. Running and walking a half marathon is considered to be of interest to many. You can participate either in the run or in the walk, whatever suits you the best.

Though in half marathon mostly the runners take part but those who intend to walk are also very much welcomed. Thus half marathon is for both- the runners as well as the walkers. This is one of the major differences between marathon and half marathon as you don’t have to spend the entire amount of time on the course itself.

Those individuals who are physically fit can easily walk about 13.1 miles in around 4 hours. But of course it requires practice and training for over a longer period of time or else you will not be able to accomplish the goal.

Participating in the Half Marathon

There are a number of runners who stop in the middle just because they haven’t done enough of practice. But before you begin the run or walk you need to check out whether you are physically fit for doing so or not. It is good if you consult a doctor to check your fitness level, once he says ok you can move ahead with your plans.

Begin slowly, and thereon increase your speed of running and walking with each day, this is going to help you as it enhances your sustenance level on the course. You will get accustomed to taking long walks and so you can easily run the race. Doing so will also make your feet stronger enough to endure the long run.

Even in various surveys it has come to light that around 70% walkers wanted to train and participate in the half marathon. A large majority of them would like to take part in the marathon again and again.

Run and Walk Programme

The run and walk programme is said to be quite popular amongst the beginners for whom it is an altogether new experience. This is said to be good since the risk of injury is minimum in this programme. Those who go for this programme are at a lower risk of hurting themselves. Moreover, it also prepares you to participate in the half marathon. In this the long runs are accomplished with power walks. This not just increases your performance level but also improves your strength. Also it is considered to be fun filled event. You can enjoy and also improve your performance both at the same time.

Try to enrol yourself in a running programme, this will give you a better idea of how to run in the half marathon while with regard to walking habit this could be developed overtime.

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