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Running for Women Over 50

Tips for Women Running Over 50

SEP 8 2010

Running for women over 50 helps to keep them stay fit and physically active. There are various tips for women running over 50 like they should follow a running program where jogging and running should go side by side. They should consult their doctor first. They must give prime emphasis on the food which they are eating.

Most of the women over 50 think that it is quite old for them to actively participate in the running programmes, however this is not the case if proper attention is given to the basics of running after 50 years of age. In fact a large number of women over 50 actively participate in the marathon and 5k and 10k. The only difference is that the women over 50 need to be more careful and have to give prime emphasis on their physical fitness and also what kind of nutrition they are taking.

Running Programs for Women over 50

There are a number of running programs which are basically suited to the needs of elderly women. In one of these running programs, there has to be a 30 minute work routine which needs to be followed daily in a sincere manner.

In this 30 minutes of time period, you have to run as well as jog, but before that you should also do a little bit of warm up exercises also. If you have been walking for 7 minutes then for around 10 seconds you need to run very hand that is also called as sprinting. This should be made into a running program which suits you the best without hurting or injuring you.

However those women who wish to start running after 50 years of age should be more careful and therefore should ask the physician first. If he gives you the nod for running only then you should go ahead with the running program.

Start running slowly and try to build up your body. It is advised that you should run on the soft surfaces which are quite essential and effective especially for those women who are also having the problem of arthritis.

Along with running you can also opt for swimming, cardio vascular training, rowing machines and simply walking briskly as these too will be quite beneficial in building up your body.

Emphasis on Diet and Nutrition

Women over 50 should also be quite careful with regard to their nutrition. At the time of running they should never run without a bottle of water. At the time of running keep drinking enough of water so that your body never becomes dehydrated. Along with this, what you eat too matters. The women over 50 years of age often have the problem of weak bones and so it is advised that they should take lots of calcium supplements in the diet.

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Name: Elaine

Your reference to women over 50 being 'elderly' is depressing. I stopped reading there. If you want to inspire women please think about using another adjective!

Name: Susan

I agree with Elaine that the term "elderly" is used quite unforatunately- but I didn't stop reading. I did my first marathon last year at age 53 and did an ulta (31.1) this past Feb 2013. Elderly is 60 and over. We're just sensitive because we are moving there fast enough, thanks very much. I'll admit to "senior citizen" (barely) being 54-- but not planning on admiting to elderly for another 10 years

Name: M.E.

Seriously! Elderly! Older is fine Elderly is insulting! Get with the times..... 50 is the new 35! Gheeessh! Hurtful and not productive! Shows a lack of manners and tact! You can do better than that you too will be and "elderly 50" someday and you will be shocked at how young you really feel!

Name: Chelsea

I'm 50 and hardly "elderly". That's laughable. My mother is 76 and just won the Super Seniors State Tennis Tournament. She walks 3 miles a day, plays tennis every other day, shoots guns, plays piano, volunteers, church activities, etc, etc. What part of that is elderly? 90 and in a nursing home is elderly.

Name: Barb

I thought the same thing...elderly really? Also the article is either written by someone who speaks another language and is having trouble translating it to English or it's been written by a ten year old.

Name: Barb R

I was IMMEDIATELY offended by the adjective "elderly women" used in this article to describe women over 50. It's interesting there have been no responses to any of the comments feeling the same way I do from the author. I WON'T be taking any suggestion this article's author had to offer, they are not at all inspiring and are very offensive.

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