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Running on Road after a Deep Winter

How to Run on Roads after a Long Winter

MAR 2 2008

I am just done with my run and I want to share my experience of running on road after a deep winter of 4 months. If you are from Chicago or New York then you know about the bone chilling winter and how hard it is to run on road in winter. As much as I loathe using machines for running, I still prefer to run on treadmill in winter as I am wary of snow and ice.

Coming back to my experience of running on road after a deep winter from Nov to Feb - it was awesome, just fantastic, and a wonderful experience after a while. Watching cars, trucks, buses, the lake and other runners all along the way made me realize the importance of running on road against the treadmill. There are few Dos and Don’ts I want to share with you and like to welcome your comments and suggestions:

Running on Road after a Deep Winter
  • Check the temperature before you step out for your run; don’t forget to take a note of the wind factor because these factors are going to help you get dressed properly. Temperature changes very quickly on these kinds of days and a windy day will create problem for you as the ice gets melting and air gets chilly very soon.
  • Don’t get dressed either like facing a freezing winter day or like a cool summer afternoon. The attire should be exactly like fall, something like a hoody and a short. Don’t wear a shoe which was sitting idle for months together as it might have been hardened making it difficult for you to get on to the road.
  • Normally water points are closed during the winter so better you carry water bottle with you.
  • If you have been running 3 miles everyday till now then increase it to 5-7 miles.
  • Be careful because there will be melting ice and water on the road making it slippery and you might fall down, injuring yourself.
  • Keep your attention on road and watch out for water logs, you might jump into it and get your shoes wet.
  • At the end, enjoy the beauty of nature during your run which you were missing running on the treadmill during winter.


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Name: Lolo

Ya, weather in Chicago is getting better, I hope to start my training for coming marathon very soon.

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