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Running with Dog

Jogging with a Dog

SEP 23 2008

Running can be an enjoyable activity especially if you find someone to run with. Chances are there will be times that people maybe too busy doing day to day activities that you find yourself running alone.

Do not worry because there is an alternative four legged companion that you can rely on and that is your dog. A good running dog should have a strong listening skills, optimistic and willingness to run.

Sometimes you need motivation if you are going to run. A dog can definitely bring joy to your running routine. It is so easy to be inspired with a dog by your side as you run laps around the trail or neighborhood.

If you are planning to buy a dog, the breed and size are some of the things that you need to consider. It is also advisable that if you are looking for a canine partner in running, you select a larger breed. Take into consideration that these larger breeds tend to herd. So they might get distracted when it comes to other animals like squirrels. Leashing or giving your dog a proper training can help a lot in this situation.

Dogs can also benefit from the running activity that you have especially when it comes to his or her health. Of course, you need to take a few precautions as well. Remember that it is better if you can start slow. Dogs are like people that may need training in order to gain strength. It will be advisable if you start in slower runs near your place. If you notice that your dog is keeping up with you, then you might want to go for runs that are longer. If you are unsure, it will be best to consult a veterinarian before letting you dog run. You may also want to present to the vet your training schedule so that he or she can access whether it’s good for your dog. Another important point to consider is that fact that you need to know the symptoms of overexertion in your dog. It is best if you know how to give first aid in case there is an emergency.

Take note that you need to make your dog run with you instead of the reason the he or she is the one pulling you. This is important when you want to be safe. You also have options when it comes to using leash. Harnesses also vary. Definitely running with your dog means that you have somebody by your side who loves you unconditionally no matter how long you want to run.

Tips to follow when running with your dog

  • When starting a running program, consult first with a veterinarian
  • Give your dog food that has proper nutrients
  • Trim his or her toenails in order to avoid twigs and branches
  • Carry enough water for both you and your dog.
  • It will be best if your dog can run beside you with a lease or harness
  • Buy your dog a id collar
  • Never run in the high noon where the sun is at its peak.


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