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MAY 2 2008

Running has always been a passion for me. It helps me to stay fit and strong. I donít get tired easily and I find myself being able to handle stress better.

It also helps me become more coordinated and focused on the things I have to do. Further, running has become a very enjoyable hobby for me.

Although this is the case, long hours of work and the changing season pose a big challenge for all running enthusiasts. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. As I have an eight-hour work each day and sometimes does some overtime work like most of the people, I have no choice but to run in the dark.

Safety is one of my foremost considerations when running in the dark, especially during cold season. There have been reports on accidents involving vehicles and runners. Drivers oftentimes do not see runners in the dark, causing injuries or sometimes death. Proper precaution, therefore, in order to ensure safety is very much necessary.

There are many ways to prevent injuries in running. Aside form leaving my ipod at home; reflecting gears are very handy during winter and for everyday running in the dark. It increases visibility giving much-needed protection to runners. There are different types of reflecting running gears. From head to toe, there is an available running gear to suit the needs of every runner.

At first, I opted to settle for reflecting strips even reflecting wrist and ankle bands. I either attach the string to my already owned running attires or wear the wrist band. They helped me feel secure while running in the dark. I do not have to worry about getting hit by the passing car. After some time, I noticed some reflecting running apparels in the local sports shop. They all looked stylish and there is a variety of selection to choose from. There are shorts and shirts for hot weather and jackets and pants for the cold season.

Some may find reflecting running gears too costly and not at all affordable. But I find it sold at reasonable prices. Further, it has many other benefits other than increasing visibility. I bought a couple and found it to be very beneficial. Aside from the fact that the running clothes reflects in the dark, it has also thermal pads that helps me to stay warm. On the other hand, the shorts and shirts are light and breathable. It is very comfortable and very convenient.

There are also other running gears available in the sports shop. These include LED lights. It is similar to what bikers use to see in the dark. It not only increases the visibility of the person running as against incoming vehicles and other runners, it also helps the runner to see the road. This prevents the runner from falling off the tract and other accidents caused by darkness.

All in all, wearing safety gears proved to be advantageous for me. I can go on with my hobby, at the same time staying fit without worries.

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