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Saucony Running Shoes

Saucony Running Shoes Review

SEP 24 2008

Established in 1898, Saucony goes a long way when it comes to be the best running shoe manufacturer of all times. Their products are considered top of the line. They have different kinds of technology that is suitable for any runner who wants comfort and stability.

For years, it has gained reputation for being the best running shoe manufacturer in the world.

If you can’t get enough of running, then you need perfect shoes to match the energy level that you have. Saucony is one of the leading manufacturers of running shoes today. Their products are considered to be top of the line. They have a team of engineers that works hard and does research when it comes to what the feet goes through during running. They develop their products based on this analysis in order to be the solution to what the feet needs.

Saucony have different kinds of patented shoe technology. Each have a unique sounding name that is appropriate to what kind of technology the shoes have. One technology offered by Saucony is the grid. This kind of design refers to the grid of Hytrel filaments found in the heels of the running shoes. This grid system is made to cushion layers that increase stability. Another kind of technology that Saucony offer is the arch lock in some of the designs of their shoes. It is a woven material found in the midsole that wraps around the entire foot and ankle. This is found in the midsole area of the shoes. This is added so that you can have control and support in your feet.

Saucony was established in 1898 in Saucony Creek, Pennsylvania. Saucony means mouth of a creek or river. In 1906, the company first built its two story factory along the Creek of Saucony. They are producing 800 pairs of shoes everyday. The shoes were specifically made for children as well as functional adult shoes. By year 1968, there are producing running shoes. A rich entrepreneur named Abraham Hyde bought Saucony and moved its headquarters to Cambridge. By that time it is known to be a good provider of running shoes. It got the reputation for being the company that provides the best quality running shoes. The Stride Rite Corporation acquired it in 2005. Today, Saucony is known for its innovation and technical leadership when it comes to rubber shoes. Last 2007, it was awarded by the Independent Running Retailers Association for being the Vendor of the Year and Product of the Year. When you look at the logo of Saucony, it represents that endless flow of water that is along the creek bed. The three dots represent the river mark of the brand.

Top products of Saucony

  • ProGrid Triumph 5 – This pair of shoes has a cushioned sole because it was designed for people with neutral feet that allowing smooth heel strike. This also offers superb heel to toe transition.
  • Grid Hurricane – It gives top of the line cushioning and stability. It gives foot enough space for movement.
  • Pro Grid Paramount – It has an internal temperature regulator. It is great for shock absorption and fit perfectly well in your foot.
  • Grid Stabil – Offers good stability for feet that is overpronator.
  • Grid Swerve – one of the best shoes of saucony. It is lightweight that provides stability and cushioning.


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