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Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Review of Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bikes

JUN 24 2010

Review of Schwinn recumbent exercise bikes enables the customers to know which is the best bike for you. They are easy to use, have comfortable chairs, and equipped with heart rate monitor also. Schwinn recumbent exercise bikes comes in various models. It is basically an exercise and a stationary bike which enables you to lose weight.

Recumbent exercise bikes have there for a long time and they are probably one of the best types of exercise bikes available, these bikes are one of the most comfortable bikes which enables you to exercise and stay fit in your home itself. You need to sit flat and you can also lean back, keeping your feet in front of you. The recumbent exercise never lets to put excessive pressure on your hands, feet and arms and so you sit on it as you will sit on a comfortable chair. This will prevent injuries also, this is the plus point. Moreover you won’t feel any numbness in your hands, wrists, pelvic region which has a common problem being faced in similar other kinds of bikes.

Schwinn recumbent exercise bikes are a name in itself. They are one of the most sought after bikes in the field of fitness. They are available in the range of around $250- $ 650 and hence within everyone’s budget. The least expensive bike in the Schwinn series is the Schiwnn Active Series 20 Recumbent Bikes. These bikes are provided with a heart rate monitor to check your pulse rate. You can adjust the seat as you desire, the way you want to sit.

Schwinn 231 Recumbent Bike

The vest thing about these bikes is the solid construction of these bikes, these bikes are provided with an LCD screen which will enable you to know the stats and programs of your work. These bikes are equipped with wheels thus, you can easily take them to any part of your home. You can easily watch TV and also exercise at the same time. They have a very comfortable seat so you can easily relax, without hurting your body.

Schwinn 220 Recumbent Exercise Bike

This bike is also easy to use exercise, you can easily change the height of the bike with regard to yourself, thus your knees are not hurt.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike

It is one of the sturdy bikes, which is well built and also provided with heart rate monitor. But a number of customers have complained that they are not good for short height people.

Schwinn 240 Recumbent Upright Exercise Bike

It comes with 16 resistance levels, the panel is provided with 3 position angle adjustment features, the handbars are provided with the heart rate monitor, there is a cooling fan too. The wheels enable easy movement.

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