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Should I Cross Train as a Marathoner?

Do I need to Cross Train during Marathon Training?

SEP 26 2008

The answer is yes to the question if you need to do cross training if you are a marathoner. There are a lot of benefits of doing some cross training but remember that is not a substitute for running itself. Cycling, swimming and walking, cross country running that you can try out.

Cross training can definitely give you strength and endurance when it comes to running a marathon.

As a marathoner, you have the option to do cross training to better enhance your body before joining a marathon event. It really doesn’t matter what fitness level you are in when it comes to running. You can certainly do cross training. There are many benefits of doing cross training. It can enhance the condition of your body and as a result can improve your running performance. Cross training has become popular over the years due to the fact that it has good effects. For some, they still wonder why they need to participate in some aerobic activity when their only main purpose is just to complete a course. Cross training can surely give you strength and endurance in running a marathon.

However, although cross training has a lot of positive impact for a runner, too much of a good thing can be bad enough. It could sometimes be counterproductive and even can hinder a person to participate in a marathon. Cross training activities can increase your chance of risking injury that can prevent you from joining the marathon game itself. It is so important that when you decide to join cross training activity make sure that you follow proper schedule for it.

Benefits of Cross Training

  • Decreases your chance of burning out
  • Substitute for a running workout day
  • Cross training can be a way to prevent injuries
  • Increases the strength of your body to avoid fatigue when you run.


  • Remember the cross training cannot totally replace running activity
  • Refrain from sports that can exhaust you and can even traumatize your leg
  • You need to have a rest day after doing cross training
  • Don’t forget to stretch before starting any activity.

Cross Training Activities

  • Cycling can strengthen the muscles in your legs and other connective tissues.
  • Swimming can provide upper body strength and improve breathing. It can also have therapeutic effect.
  • Deep water running can serve as a way to rehabilitate any running injuries.
  • Walking is a good way to loosen up your legs before any race.


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