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Shoulder Exercises needed for Marathon Runners

What all you need to get a Strong Shoulder

SEP 25 2008

Shoulder exercises should be a part of any runner’s workout. The shoulder is the one controlling the arms. Training your shoulders is one way to protect it from injury and boosting its performance.

There are a lot of shoulder exercises that you can do from military press to lateral raises. Be sure to do warm up first before performing any exercises.

For marathon runners, they often neglect the fact that they also need to exercise their shoulders. It doesn’t need to stop at the legs and the core. Although the shoulders are not used thoroughly in marathon, it is good that they are in shape as it can affect your whole performance. The shoulder can control the movement of the arm and when you run your arm serves you as a guide and control. Strengthening the shoulders should be part of any runner’s workout. Training your shoulder can protect it from being injured and it can boost its performance so that it can reach its maximum potential. Make sure that the shoulder exercises are done correctly to be able to utilize its full length of motion. Before starting any exercise, be sure that you do warm up like shoulder rolls and arm rotations.

  • Military press – This is a standard exercise to strengthen the upper torso. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the bar with your hand slightly wider than your shoulder. Breathe and extend your hands up slightly to the middle of your head. Move the bar past your face and over your head. Fully extend your arms so that the bar is above your head. Pause to maintain control and then lower.
  • Shoulder Press with dumbbell – This is a good exercise for shoulder and triceps. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with arm facing forward. Lift them both to the chin level and then over the head barely touching each other. Pull them back to the chin level and repeat.
  • Lateral raises – This could be done with the use of cables. Stand with shoulder distance apart and knees slightly bent. Place dumbbells in each hand, letting your arms hang down and palms facing. Keep your elbows bent, lift your arms on the side until it reach the height of the shoulder then lower the arms.
  • Front Dumbbell raise – In this exercise, both of your arms are working side by side with the use of dumbbells or cables. Stand with shoulder width apart and knees slightly bend. Hold the dumbbell in each hand; let your arms hang and your palms facing in front of your thighs. Keep your elbows bent a little. Lift your arm straight in front of you shoulder height then lower again back to the starting position.


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