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Side Cramps While Running

Preventing Side Cramps While Running

MAY 18 2010

Preventing side cramps while running is essential since if they are neglected they can create lots of problems for the runners. Side cramps while running occurs when you don’t breathe properly. So it is essential that don’t press yourself too hard in running. If side cramps continue for long, it is better that you walk rather than run. Remember running should never become a cause of worry for you.

Side cramps is often faced by the runners and if they occur your entire running will turn into a spoilsport. There are a number of runners who suffer from side cramps also called as side stitch. When you just start the running, your body is not accustomed to the sudden change of routine and thus side cramps are witnessed more often since it is something new for your body to adjust.

Side stitches basically occur because of the muscular spasm of the diaphragm which is present inside the human body. It is basically used to separate the chest cavity from the abdomen. Diaphragm assists the body in breathing and when the body moves up and down during the running diaphragm also moves up and down. Thus, in the long run side stitch may occur usually on the right side mainly because the liver is located on the right side.

Causes of Side Cramps

The prime cause of side cramps is that you might be running in stomach full. When you have taken heavy food before the running, then most likely cramps may occur. Therefore, it is suggested to the runners that they should not eat heavy food before running.

Preventing Side Cramps

Side cramps is nothing serious and if you take proper precautions you can well get rid of the same, and thereby enjoy the run. The most essential thing to be kept in mind by the runners is never to dehydrate your body. Lack of water in runners too might become an important factor in side cramps. You need to condition your body to the changed routine. Thus, slowly start running at small pace initially. Only when you have become used to running that you need to increase the pace.

Stretching too helps the body. If you stretch before running then surely side cramps can easily be prevented.

Try to avoid shallow breathing that means taking full and complete breaths rather than shorter breaths when you are running. When you go for deep breathing your diaphragm feels relaxed and thus it is not stressed out. This will also mean that all the body organs are receiving ample quantity of oxygen.

When you have to run, try to avoid eating fatty foods as well as protein rich diet rather focus more on eating carbohydrate rich diet, since that helps in proper digestion of the food.

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