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Single Speed Hybrid Bikes

Types of Single Speed Hybrid Bikes

AUG 1 2011

There are different types of single speed hybrid bikes and you have a wide range to choose from. These single speed hybrid bikes come at a very low cost, they are also very light than the other bikes. In terms of mechanical functioning they are known to be more simple than other bikes of the same kind.

Single speed bikes are those bikes which are composed of a single gear only. There are various types of single speed bikes which are available and hybrid bikes in single speed are also one of them.

Features of the Single Speed Hybrid Bikes:

  • Some of these single speed bikes are designed for the children alone.
  • There are some which are cruiser type, classic commuter bicycles and many more.
  • The positive feature of these bikes is that they are said to be lighter than the other bikes.
  • In terms of money too, they come at a low cost.
  • From the mechanical point of view, they tend to serve and function well.
  • These single speed hybrid bikes are said to be an all weather bikes.
  • Due to the simplicity in the mechanics, these bikes offer you a greater stride and you can move even at the toughest places with ease and comfort.
  • Derailleurs is said to be absent in these bikes.
  • These bikes also have a free wheel.
  • Most of the bikes can also be transferred into single speed bikes.
  • As you can go to the mountains while riding these bikes, so the rider has to be very fit and healthy enough.

Cannondale Bad Boy Singlespeed 2009 Hybrid Bike:

  • This is one of the fastest hybrid bikes and is said to have begun the matte black revolution.
  • The fork in these bikes is composed of the NEW SI Fatty Solo Disc specific.
  • The front brake as well as the rear brakes of these bikes is made up of Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic Disc Brake.
  • Available at a low price range.

Rockrider 5.0 Women:

  • These hybrid bikes are specifically designed for women bikes and hence the look and the style is different and suited for men.
  • It is easy to remove the front wheel of this bike without the use of tools.
  • In terms of durability these are one of the best bikes available.
  • Cushioning too is superb and upto the mark. In order to enhance cushioning it comes with slick tyres.
  • In order to give it an accurate style, these bikes come with a V brake.
  • These bikes are said to be specifically good enough for mountain riding and hence you can take them with ease on the toughest of all roads.
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