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Sizing Road Bikes

Measuring the Size of Road Bikes

JUL 29 2010

A perfect and fit size bike is one of the best things you can get. There are various bikes available in the market and you need to measure the size of road bikes to know which one suits you the best. Sizing road bikes will determine the perfect fit for your bike.

When you buy a road bike, they need to be of appropriate size so that you can use them with ease and comfort. There are various ways to see whether the road bikes are having the perfect fit or not. Most important is the frame of the bike. It should be durable and stable one so that you do not lose balance when you ride the bike. Whenever you buy a new bike, always give prime emphasis on the bike frame, since apart from benefits it is also useful in giving a natural beauty to the bike.

Knowing the Bike Size

You need to know its size, symmetry as well as the material of which it is made up of before buying the perfect frame. When you go to buy the frame you must also be aware of the bicycle fitting information as well as how to measure the same.

When you size the road bikes, you need to measure the inseam. This you can do by going barefoot. The measurement of the inseam will enable you to know what the size of the bike needs to be. This is considered to be a good measure to analyse what size of road bike you need to buy.

Top Tube Measurements

Top tube length measurement is considered to be one of the most important aspect which helps to know what the size of the road bike needs to be. But different bikes have different top tube lengths. Thus a mountain bike will be having a different top tube length than other bikes. But those bikes which are having a similar top tube length in that, bike which is bigger in size will be more comfortable as well as better to use.

You also need to adjust the frame size and make the required changes in the same. This may appear to be quite complicated initially but it might not be so once you understand the basics of the same. Bikes made up of Titanium are said to be quite light weight but they will be offering you a tight ride.

It needs to be seen that the top tube lengths as well the seat tube forms the most essential component of the bikes and if these two have been ascertained in the proper fashion, you will be able to buy the perfect road bike for yourself.
For tall riders the sizing needs to be different than that for the shorter rider, so make sure you have measured your height before you go to buy the bike.

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