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Some Common Running Injuries

What are the Common Running Injuries

JUL 16 2009

Running is one way to keep one healthy and fit. People from all over the world, map out their running routes on different terrains. They shop for the kind of running shoes that's just right for them.

Some join marathons and win races. People love to run, whether for fitness or just for the feeling of exhilaration when running. Running is good for you, but doing it the wrong way can cause injuries.

Here are some common injuries occur when running:


Overpronation occurs when the foot movement becomes excessive. This happens when the foot rolls in more causing problems in stabilizing the body and shock not being absorbed as efficiently. This in turn disrupts and prevents normal walking and running movements. Proper shoes may be advised to counter this problem.


Snapping Hips cover 3 different hip problems which accompany snapping sounds. Areas affected may either be the Iliotibial Band, the deep hip flexor, or the labrum. Though not a major problem, continuous snapping sounds can become annoying. Hip problems and tears in the cartilage can give patients an unbalanced feeling.

Ankle sprain is a familiar injury that runners or non-athletes experience. It can happen when you are active in sports or when you simply step on uneven surface. The severe pain is caused when the ligaments connecting the ankle is stretched beyond its normal range. Early treatment will help recovery from ankle ligament injuries become faster.


Shin splints, also like runner's knee, describe a set of symptoms. Shin splint pain is caused by problems with the muscles, bone, or attachments of the muscle to the bone also called the periostium of the tibia.

Plantar fasciitis occur when there is severe pain due to the thick ligament inflaming at the base of the foot, the same ligament which connects your heel to your toes. A firm, inflamed plantar fascia causes soreness when running or even walking. It is usually more painful in the mornings because it contracts at night.

Hip Bursitis is the swelling of the bursa, a jelly-like sac that contains liquid and acts as cushions, reducing friction between bones, called also as, trochanteric bursitis. It is painful when you move your hips. Treatment is effective, but it usually comes back and sometimes becomes a persisting problem.

Stress fractures in the hip area are commonly found in distance runners, commonly in women rather than in the opposite sex. This problem is usually seen in endurance athletes with eating disorders or inadequate nutrition. One type is Insufficiency Fractures, which are breaks in abnormal bone under normal force. Another is Fatigue Fractures, which are breaks in bones under extreme force.

Achilles tendonitis is a sore problem of the tendon found in the back portion of the ankle. It is caused when the Achilles tendon, the largest and strongest tendon in our body, is inflamed. Sudden stops and repetitive jumping can cause the condition.

Arch pain is a typical foot problem that occurs under the arch of the foot. Arch pain causes inflammation with a burning feeling within the midfoot. Small movements can be quite painful. Arch pain is also called a strain.

Pulled Hamstring is a tear in one of the three hamstring muscles, the semitendinosus, the semimembranosus and the biceps fremoris, frequently seen in sprinters. Pulled hamstring is an affliction also called the hamstring strain. Early treatment is important for a fast recovery.

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