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Sprint Triathlon Training Plan

Best Sprint Triathlon Training Program

NOV 10 2009

Triathlon trainings are fun experiences as they are unique breaks to prepare runners for upcoming marathons. Main focus of such training is combination workout meant to augur endurance and highest possible fitness level.

As training is preparatory tool which readies you for proving mettle on the race day it should be given prime importance. Often schedules for sprint triathlon training are decided for 13 weeks.

Maintain running and swimming schedule for 2-3 times each week to make sprint triathlon training more resourceful. Biking for 1-2 times a week is a milestone. Such trainings help even amateur runners to gain momentum if one has been running 15-25 minutes constantly.

It may take some time for runners undergoing sprint triathlon training hence patience and sincerity must be there to make training plans worthy for the next leap.

Runners determined to win upcoming races and to leave competitors behind should undergo industrious training before participating in actual race. Such trainings are moral boosters. They are based on specific rules and regulations. Sprint triathlon training you participate in is designed according to your need. Be a good runner, biker and swimmer and follow the schedule for at least twice in a week to make this training useful. Increase swimming and biking up to 20-30 minutes later on to achieve good results.

Major Components: Forward crawl without stopping through practicing 20 minutes of swimming, 30 minutes of biking and 20 minutes of running prior to starting final training plan must be maintained. You may have to invest at least one month in its planning and developing self-confidence to make your training useful.

As swimming is a time taking process you must have patience to achieve your target in this training. Your 13-week sprint training plan ensures that you are fit for upcoming race but it can’t guarantee success if you don’t have dedicative approach. These trainings are meant for developing endurance in runners rather than giving their speed a boost. You must consider such aspects to get yourself trained for triathlon race whether you are an amateur or experienced racer.

Perform Better: No doubt you will get extra boost on your race day but how do you prepare yourself for that momentous occasion. Better performance on the Day of Judgment fruition when you had it in preliminary stage – how much important training is? Think over it. Even though biking requires minimal training but your triathlon training should remain balance. Go for second stage of training plan only when you are at home in finishing the first step. Advanced training schedules are specially designed for those runners who are willing to check their fitness in triathlon through adding swimming and cycling in their workouts they practice.

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