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Sprinting vs Jogging

Difference between Sprinting and Jogging

AUG 4 2010

Combining sprinting with jogging is considered to be a good strategy for losing weight in a quick time, you need to follow the routine daily in a proper manner. But when it comes to sprinting vs jogging, sprinting is said to be better than jogging as in jogging the bones of your joints might get affected.

A number of times people have wondered whether they need to do sprinting or jogging in order to lose weight. Sprinting implies running as fast as you can, while in jogging you run slowly and in a particular fashion, taking short and small steps and go as far as you can. There are runners who consider jogging to be better than sprinting. Jogging is done in a more relaxed manner than sprinting and hence more often preferred.

In sprinting, while you burn fat, your body remains toned along with your muscles, which however is not the case in long distance running where you not just burn fat but also your body physique is affected. Sprinting is said to be bring forth faster results than jogging, also it is easy. In sprinting you burn calories faster without affecting any part of body.

How Jogging Might be Bad

Jogging might be tough for you in certain respects, since it may have a negative effect on your bones and joints. Furthermore the effort required in jogging is said to be 10 times more than it is required in sprinting. From the point of view of cardiovascular workout also, sprinting is said to be better than jogging as the effect it has on heart rate is more.

With regard to burning of calories, in sprinting you can burn more calories in a faster rate than in jogging, so those who want to burn calories in a faster rate they need to opt for sprinting rather than jogging, but on the low side, your endurance level is not well built in sprinting which in fact is a must as you burn more and more calories. Jogging lets you burn more calories though you might have to wait for weeks before it actually starts happening but along with that your endurance level too is well built.

Combining Sprinting with Jogging

Researches have suggested that for the best weight loss you need to combine sprinting with jogging to get the best possible results in the required time frame. You need to begin your workout with jogging and thereon you should switch over to sprinting in the end.

You need to do sprints in between the interval periods of jogging, this is mostly accepted. Most of the times it is advisable that a combination of the two in your daily routine might be very much helpful to you if followed correctly and in a routine manner.

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