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Spyder Running Gear

Tips on Buying Spyder Running Gear

JUL 11 2008

If you are wondering what is there to like about Spyder running gear, I will tell you reasons why. I will show you through this article the different features of every running shoe that Spyder has brought into the market.

Do you like the runnerís gear manufactured by Spyder? If you do, then good. If you donít then I will show you two reasons for you to like Spyderís running gear.

Personally, I think Spyder is one of the best brands of shoes there is in the market. Iíd like to let you know why.

Spyder Velocity

Spyderís Velocity series of running shoes for both men and women carry some of the best features that you can look for in a running shoe.

First it is made of Kevlar, which means the surface of the shoe is resistant to abrasions. It can withstand abuse from running in rocky terrain without wearing off quickly. The toe and heel parts are designed with a TPU mold protection which is also abrasion-resistant.

Comfort is of utmost concern to any running shoe company, Spyder included. That is why each Spyder Velocity shoe is equipped with removable TU footbeds for comfort and protection from odor and bacteria.

Spyder does not sacrifice functionality. That is why these shoes are fitted with Spyderís Base Grip and Drive technology. The former is intended to keep you operating even in difficult terrain, like snow and mud. The Drive feature, on the other hand, is designed to help you brake and accelerate easily when you are negotiating steep slopes.

It is no good to be injured and be barred from pursuing your passion for running. To prevent this, each Velocity gear is fitted with a midsole cushion so that your heels are protected from trauma.

Finally, these shoes are designed to keep you dry and warm with waterproof leather covering and 3M Thinsulate.

The series for men is divided into four types of shoes: Gear, Flow, Powder and Torque. The series for women, on the other hand, is divided into Escape and Flow types.

Spyder Kyds

They say it is best to start young in anything. Because of this, Spyder has created an entire line of running shoes for the young generation. There are two models of kidsí shoes that Spyder created: the Fearless and the Snow Angel models. Both models carry the same features, differing only in appearance.

Every Spyder shoe for kids is designed with a combination of a synthetic PU and a water resistant nylon upper. This structure ensures longevity for the shoe, and comfort for your young ones. The inner lining of the boot provides warmth and protection as well, while a rubber shell allows all-weather use for your children. This is good, as children are known to love playing in just about any weather condition.

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