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Stairmaster vs Elliptical

Difference between Stairmaster and Elliptical Machine

FEB 2 2010

It is actually a good idea to set Stairmaster vs Elliptical so that you will know the prominent features between the two. When you are planning to do a comparison, it is a good idea to stick to some information, features and benefits that can help in differentiating stairmaster and elliptical machine.

If you happen to do some gym workout, you must be familiar with Stairmaster and Elliptical training machines. When you look at them for the first time, they may look the same however they are actually different when it comes to working out your body. A Stairmaster is equipment that can mimic the movement of going up the stairs. The Elliptical is a combination of Stairmaster and treadmill but giving wider strides.

Stick to the Information

The two machines can actually target the cardio system of the body. The Stairmaster can actually build more muscles compared to the other one. Elliptical machines are stimulating a walking motion but with a much bigger strides. There are people who love to use elliptical because of the easiness it gives to the joints. Stairmaster are actually focused on working the knees.

Stick to the Features

Almost all versions of these machines are powered by electricity. It also includes computer that can provide detailed information about your workout. There is a start button in every machine. You can also choose the kind of workout that you want. You can find modern machines being sold in the market that can help you save your profile. If you happen to use it, you will just need to select it. There are some that measures the heart rate, how much calories burned and the steps that you take every minute.

Stick to the Data

The type of machines that you use is dependent on your age, health, medical history and weight. This can influence that machine that you would use. If you want a tiresome workout that can push your legs to work hard then select Stairmaster. Elliptical machines are also meant to burn a lot of calories. This is also kind to your joints. You can also burn a lot of calories. Thirty minutes workout in the elliptical machine can burn up to 300 calories compared to Stairmaster given the same duration.

Stick to the Benefits

The benefits of Stairmaster are to help in building muscles, help in losing weight, maintaining your health and giving the body tough workout. Elliptical trainers can actually help you to lose weight. If you want a low impact workout while toning your muscles, this is perfect. Both machines can actually help when it comes to improving the health as well as tone muscles improvement. You can actually opt to use elliptical machines and see leg muscles that are toned. After a few days of working out, you will see a lot of changes like weight loss.

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