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How to Begin Running Training

JAN 31 2011

How to begin running training programme is essential to understand if you want to make out the best of your running. You have to develop confidence and endurance in your running style which is possible once you start running training programme. Start with jogging and slowly increase running speed. Keep drinking lots of water also.

All those who wish to run in the marathon or any other long distance running programme need to start from the start from the beginning itself if they are really interested in winning and participating in the event. As running in long distance runs need quite a lot of energy and endurance you need to follow a proper running training program only then you will become a successful runner. This will also help you in understanding the various running tips as well as how to avoid various injuries which are most often associated with running long distance.

Things to Consider in Running Programme

The most essential aspect is to formulate a running training program with the help of a running coach. You will find a number of such programs online as well so you can get a wide knowledge of which program to follow depending upon your requirements. However, if you are the one who is suffering from any kind of serious illness then it is recommended that you need to consult a good physician. If he allows you only then you should start your running programme.

Most important thing before you run is to buy good pair of shoes. Don’t think at all of buying any cheap kind of shoes as this will cause a serious injury to your feet. It is advised that you wear shoes from a good company like Nike, Adidas, New Balance who are offering cushioned and comfortable shoes for the runners. When you begin, your running try to walk first and then run. In fact you should be having a mix of both running and walking if you want to get the best of your running programme.

How to Improve Running Speed

Don’t worry about speed at the beginning of your programme since it is certain that you will be able to walk at a very slow speed. It is only with time that your speed will improve a lot. Keep a water bottle with you and keep drinking water at regular intervals. You need to gradually increase your running time rather than from the beginning itself. Try to make a programme of 8 weeks or 4 weeks and then follow the routine. Keep sometime for cooling down as well. It is with time that your fitness level will improve as well as you will be able to build lots of confidence in your running. You can also experiment with different kinds of running styles and finally choose the one which suits you the best.

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