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Steps to Buy Icebug Running Shoes

Tips on Buying Icebug Running Shoes

APR 7 2010

There are steps to buy Icebug running shoes, which you need to follow if you intend to buy these shoes. Snow running is quite different from normal running on normal terrains as snow is quite uneven, sometimes compact also. You need to know the tips on buying Icebug Running shoes to buy the best.

Running on the ice is far more difficult and tough than running on the plain surface. You cannot run on the ice by wearing the shoes which you might be wearing on the plain regions so you need to buy shoes exclusively meant for running in the ice.

Snow Running is Different

Snow running is not just different but it is all the more challenging as well. You need to be a perfect snow runner if you wish to run on ice. So you go out to buy the shoes for ice running makes sure they are the ones which will make your running easier and smoother on the ice.

Types of Icebug Running Shoes

Icebug MR3 BU Grip are one of the best shoes in this regard. They are heavy shoes and work well in ice and compact snow, so you can always opt for these shoes. They come with carbon spikes which are able to provide traction to the shoes. These shoes really make it easy to run in the ice without you having to worry about the run or taking only small steps. These shoes work even better at night time as they are provided with night visibility features.

The Icebug shoes are able to work well in almost all types of snow. These shoes are considered to be worth buying for winter running, being heavy they make it easier to run on hard sow as well. You can easily wear them for long hours and run as fast as you can without having to slip in the snow.

Ice Bug Pytho BU Grip

These shoes come with carbon studs and thus make an easy wear. They are quite versatile shoes which are quite popular among the ice runners around the world. They come with around 16 carbide studs in the sole. The best aspect of these shoes is that they are water resistant. They are quite light weight in comparison to the other Ice bug shoes and hence more appreciated. Extremely durable shoes which you can wear all the year round.

Icebug Pythos

These are the other shoes which serves best as the training shoes. Though these can work in all conditions but most importantly they work in the ice. The carbide studs make them a must buy shoes as they also come with BU Grip sole also. These shoes have a water repellent upper. The unique point of these shoes is that the studs are quite dynamic and so adapt to different climatic conditions with much ease. But the heel of these shoes doesn’t allow you to move well on steep slopes.

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Name: Rik

There is a great alternative for that, you could use the small Maxigrip studs. I did just that with my running shoes last winter and it rocked! Think you can buy a small pack for like 25$:

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