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Stomach Hurts After Running

Stomach Ache from Running

MAY 20 2010

Running and stomach ache is a common problem witnessed by the runners. This is very prevalent amongst those runners who do not drink plenty of water and thus dehydrate their bodies. Stomach hurts after running is thus a problem which can be easily tackled by proper exercise and diet.

Almost every runner may have witnessed stomach pain at one point of running session. A number of times, a runner may get his stomach hurt; this is a common problem but surely if checked at the right time, doesn’t have much to worry about.

The stomach pain is basically called as cramps which occur when the body has been exerted due to long periods of running. The way the stomach hurt may vary from runner to runner. Thus while some runners will complain of diarrhoea and stomach pain, there are a few who will complain of pain in the upper stomach.

Factors Responsible for Stomach Hurting

There are a number of factors responsible for the same. The most important being dehydrated. There are a number of runners, who in the process of running tends to forget to drink adequate amount of water. This lack of water in the body is one of the prime causes of stomach hurt after running. Sometimes wrong manner of running too is one of the causes. This occurs when you are running too fast over a longer distance of time. When you run in the summer, due to excessive heat, the body loses its essential salts and thus in the absence of these salts too the stomach might be hurting. Lack of adequate intake of oxygen is also considered to be one of the causes.

Stomach cramps may vary from upper or lower abdomen and they may be mild, moderate or intense. So you need to know the type of your pain and the basic cause of pain is running or something else. It is essential that you consult your sports coach with regard to the same. He will be informing you about the desired exercises which can help you in easing out the pain. If the pain persists, then surely you need to consult your nearest doctor, this is imperative. The doctor might be asking you to undergo various tests, X rays.

How to Ease out the Pain

Eating plenty of salt too is known to ease out the pain. You can also add salt to the water you drink. Sometimes lack of sodium, potassium and other essential salts in the body too is responsible for hurting. So never ignore your diet since running requires you to eat enough of carbohydrate rich diet.

Make sure you are never eating and running this too is one of the causes of stomach hurting. Practising good breathing technique is also a must. Take deep long breaths at the time of running.

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