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Strength Training Exercises for Children

Children and Strength Training Exercises

AUG 4 2011

Children and strength training exercises are becoming quite popular these days. These needs to be done under the guidance of an instructor and children should not be left alone. Make sure the equipments are properly working and are not loose or out of order. Strength training for children is important as it helps to build up the muscles and strengthens the bones.

Strength training exercises for children needs to be done in a proper way and under the right guidance or else it might hurt the kids. So it is very important for you to know the best and right kind of strength training exercises which are available for children.

Strength training for kids is very much encouraged as it makes them healthy and fit as well. Since kids’ body is not as developed as that of elders so care and precaution are a must and it is better to opt for only light weight resistance exercises which the kids are able to do with ease.

Benefits of Strength Training Exercises for Kids:

  • The most important benefit which accrues from these exercises is that they help to give strength to the weak muscles of the child.
  • They bring in flexibility to the body of the child.
  • The joints too become strong and thereby the risk of injury is lessened.
  • These exercises are known to give strength to the bones.
  • The metabolism of the children too seems to be boosted by doing these exercises.

Children and Strength Training Exercises:

  • It is very much important that if the kids are of the age 1 to 10 years then you need to have an instructor for the exercises.
  • The kids should perform all exercises under his guidance only.
  • Make sure there is no broken equipment lying near the place of exercise keeping in view the fun filled nature of children they might end up hurting themselves so be cautious.
  • Encourage the children to take juices and water once they take a break from the exercise since they might be in need of energy.
  • It is better that you go for only 2-3 training sessions within a week, you should not over strain your kid with these exercises.
  • Push ups and situps are the most common kind of strength training exercises and these are done easily in comparison to others.
  • Make sure that the child starts with some of the most simple kinds of exercises rather than making him start with the tough ones.
  • Even for children a proper warm up session is a must and this should in no way be ignored.
  • As children might lose interest so it is important to kill the boredom by making them listen to their favourite music.
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