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Stretches Before Walking

Benefits of Stretching

JUL 12 2011

Stretches before walking includes many kinds like the calf stretch, hamstring stretch, rope jumping. There are various benefits of stretching like it keeps the blood in circulation, it makes your body more flexible and hence prepares it for walking. You need to wear proper shoes and clothes before you go for stretching.

Stretches before walking is a must if you want to get the maximum benefit from your walking.

Stretching is also said to be good because it makes your body flexible before walking and hence prepares your body to go for the long walk.

It is known to make your walks comfortable and easier.

You can go for stretching for around 5-10 minutes before you begin the walk and then move on.

Doing Stretching Exercises:

  • It needs to be seen that if you are being negligent in the stretching exercises and go on with the walking then it has been seen that it reduces the injury risk also.
  • Stretching involves warm up, flexibility exercises as well as cooling down.
  • If you go for warming up before walking then it is said to be good to help in improving the blood circulation and prepares the body for walking in a much more better way.
  • Start your stretching on a slow note and then increase the pace so that the body becomes adaptive to it.
  • You need to stretch with care and should never stretch excessively as if to start the pain.
  • When you go for stretching it is very much important that you are stretching each and every muscle is being stretched.

Benefits of Stretching:

  • Calf stretch is said to be one of the best kinds of stretch before walking. In this you need to stand on your toes and you can hold on to something so as not to fall, do this with the left foot and then with the right foot.
  • When you do the calf stretch keep your head and foot in a straight position.
  • You can even opt for some other kind of stretches like hamstring and lower back exercise. In this you have to bend your waist a bit and let your knees be bent. Don’t over strain yourself.
  • Apart from this, stretching before walking also includes some of the easy kinds of exercises like rope jumping or mere jumping in order to increase blood circulation.
  • It is very important that even when you are doing stretching you are wearing the right kind of shoes and also clothes.
  • Make sure to wear light clothes and not too fitting ones if you want to really be comfortable with the same.
  • After you have done the basic stretching, just wait for a few minutes and then begin the walk.


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