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Sunburst Half Marathon

Participating in Sunburst Half Marathon

DEC 20 2009

Sunburst races are a great fun. It is considered to be well suited not just for the well experienced runners but even for the beginners; almost anyone can enjoy being a part of this event.

The races begin at the St. Joseph Street and come to an end at the Notre Dame stadium.

Both the full and half marathon participants almost start at the same line which is located at the front of the College Football Hall of Fame on St. Joseph Street. Both the set of participants run along the same line for the first three miles and once they reach the Keller Park they separate. They finally re join each other at the Niles Avenue and then move together to the final venue at Notre Dome. The entire course is well monitored though the course has a number of turnaround and merges.

Running across the river St. Joseph and enjoying its scenic beauties all make it all the more enjoyable. Even the loops through the local neighbourhoods are good enough.

Facilities along the course

You get plentiful water and Gatorade all along the way which makes the races all the more easy and worth enjoying. There is a good enough stock of fruit juices and many more eatables all along the way so the race doesn’t disappoint you in this regard as well. On a few stations even cold mini towels are provided.

This is a small city so there aren’t large gatherings out there to support the runners but still the support and encouragement they provide all along the way is commendable.

Course of the race

The best thing is the timing of the race- it starts exactly at 6.00 am so you can end the race even before the weather becomes hot. Though there are no steep hills along the way but a few small inclines will be encountered in the first three miles and the last two miles of the race. It runs on paved surfaces, city streets and off road bicycle pathways which makes it easy for the runners to move ahead.

In 2010 an expected 2000 walkers and runners are going to take part in the marathon. This is going to be the 27th year of the event. The race has been certified by the US track and field.

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