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Swimming or Jogging

What Burns More Calories Swimming or Jogging

APR 29 2011

What burns more calories swimming or jogging is often the tough question asked by those who want to lose weight. It needs to be seen that swimming or jogging, whatever you opt for should be done regularly and with full intensity if you want to get the maximum benefits. But overall swimming helps you lose more weight.

Most of the times, people have been quite puzzled with the thought that in order to burn more calories what should they opt for – swimming or jogging? Which will help them in a better way?

Swimming and Jogging-

  • In fact if looked out, both swimming and jogging have their own plus points and can be considered to be quite complimentary to each other. A number of studies too have been conducted in this regard.
  • Most of the people regard jogging as one of the best ways to lose weight and hence they opt for the same on a regular basis. But it has been seen that jogging may not help you lose weight on a wider scale.
  • In fact swimming has been found to be a better option with regard to burning of calories. However, it will also depend upon on your fitness level as well as your routine- this will include your jogging and swimming both.
  • It matters a lot as to how efficiently you are jogging or doing the swimming when it comes to losing weight.

Swimming is Better-

  • Most of the time people who opt for swimming are not able to lose weight mainly because they are doing it at a slow pace and same go the case with jogging as well.
  • When it comes to swimming you need to be physically fit as well and this is considered to be a major builder of endurance also.
  • It also serves as a great cardio vascular exercise for your entire body.
  • There have been studies which have also brought forth the fact that jogging is said to help you a lot in not just reducing weight but also in reducing various heart diseases also.
  • If done daily as the first thing in the morning then this will help you maintain blood pressure also.
  • In this regard it also needs to be seen that you are doing it on a rapid pace and that too for half an hour at least. Jogging however is said to be tougher since it causes excessive pressure on the ankles and joints.

In one of the studies it has been brought out that after jogging people crave more for fruits while after swimming they want to eat more of biscuits. So, if done in an intense manner, these are going to certainly create cravings for some of the specific foods in the athletes.

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