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Tips for Buying Duathlon Clothing

What to wear in Duathlon

JUN 29 2010

What to wear in duathlon is essential to know and you need to know the same before you go for duathlon. Tri shorts and trisuits are the best clothes for the run since they are a comfortable wear. There are various tips for buying duathlon clothing which makes it easy to know what to wear.

All those who intend to take part in the duathlon must also take into account the type of clothes which they are wearing, since they need to be perfect for duathlon training. What you wear holds the key to your duathlon programme. You need to wear something which is comfortable since you have to run for long hours so wear something which is comfortable and easy to wear. You need to check out the weather conditions in which you are going to run in the duathlon. It is necessary to know about the weather and the climatic conditions from beforehand so as not to have any problem later on. Thus, your clothes should match the weather.

Types of Shorts

Most of the runners prefer to wear the shorts while they run in the duathlon. You need to invest in a good pair of shorts since your ease is of utmost importance. You should wear trishorts or trisuits for the duathlon. The Desoto tri shorts are also favourite of a number of runners. The good thing is that they are available online on eBay and so you can buy from there. Cycling shorts and cycling jersey too are a good wear for triathlon. There are a number of brands available to choose from but you need to make a detailed survey before buying any of these shorts. Just check out which one suits you the best. The fabric has to be given enough of importance.

What not to Wear in Duathlon

Remember cotton is a big no no when you go for duathlon, since it feels over sticky when you are running in the warm and humid conditions. The sweat can make it quite difficult for you to run if you are wearing cotton clothes. Just wearing a cheap stuff is not going to be fruitful. Try to invest money in buying a good quality tri shorts. You should also avoid wearing fully padded cotton cycling shorts. Make sure the shorts are not too tight or too loose they must be able to fit you properly and doesn’t hamper your running and bike riding.

Though running makes you hotter but riding on the bike means you get into a windy atmosphere, so the best thing is to wear a gillet or gloves when you move on the bike. Transition from the bike to the run as well as from run to the bike means a sudden change of temperature, so your clothes should be a combination of both hot and cold clothes.

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