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Tips for Buying Winter Running Shoe

Winter Shoes Buying Tips

MAY 4 2010

You need to follow the winter shoes buying tips. When you go to buy the shoes for winter running, make sure the shoes fit you properly so follow the tips for buying winter running shoes. Try to choose the shoes which are thick enough, and they need to be properly insulated so as to save the feet from the cold.

There are a number of runners who love to run in the months of winter when it is snowy and foggy. But running in winter is somewhat different from running in the summers owing to the snow and low visibility if you are running in the early hours of morning or in the late evening. The type of shoes you wear plays an important role in your winter running. So choose them wisely.

You can always rely on the screw shoes in winter months when there is heavy snow surrounding your running area. The screw shoes are easy to make at home with the help of a cordless drill. Try to put in the sheet metal screws in the shoes. This way you can prevent yourself from falling while running in the ice.

Tips for Buying the Winter Shoes

You can also try to get traction wires for your shoes. This too is a great tip for saving your feet from the winter snow when you go out for running. Apart from the shoes, you also need to give emphasis on the socks you are wearing. Try to wear the polyester socks instead of cotton so as to wick away the moisture.

Make sure the shoes you buy have a good traction system and that they are comfortable enough for you to wear. Don’t think that if it is a winter season, you won’t need breathable shoes. Even in winter months you have to wear the shoes that are breathable for you. A number of shoe companies have designed the shoes exclusively meant for winter season running. You can always check out these shoes for yourself.

UK Gear PT-03 Winter

These are waterproof running shoes and are mean to be durable enough for the hardest of the winter seasons. The midsole is designed in a way so as to allow maximum durability and shock absorption. The shoe also comes with a bio-flexible underfoot bruise plate and thereby makes the running in snow easy.

Asics Gel Arctic WR- Men’s

These are basically trail running shoes equipped with the replaceable spikes which is helpful in maintaining traction and grip on the snowy surface. They also come with a water resistant upper which protects the feet from water and keeps it dry and warm. The Gel cushioning system ensures shock absorption while the SpEVA midsole is able to provide durability to the shoes.

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