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Tips for Finding a Running Coach

How to Find a Running Coach

MAY 7 2010

How to find running coach matters a lot, if you want to run successfully and win a marathon. Know about your requirements- how fast you want to run, the amount you can pay him. There are tips for finding a running coach which you should follow. This way you can get the perfect coach.

If you intend to become a successful runner then you need to find out the perfect running coach for yourself. This goes a long way in improving your performance and ability to run faster.

Questions You should ask Yourself before Hiring a Trainer

There are several questions which should be cleared well before you hire a coach for yourself. These include your prime objective of hiring a coach, whether you want to simply understand what running is or you want to run a marathon; how much fast you want to run; are you a novice in running?

There are a number of facts which you need to know before finding the coach. The first is to know what qualities are you searching in a coach and also what things you want him to tell you. Just write all the qualities you wish to see in him. Your budget too holds importance, you must be quite sure of it, since the experienced coach will be charging you a hefty sum of money and whether you are able to pay the same or not matters a lot.

Try to Gain Knowledge about the Coach

His training style, how much he charges, whether he is an experienced coach or not. You should also try to find out his formal education-whether he has received a coaching certification from a reputed institute or not. Though merely having a certificate does not in any way make someone a good coach but still it shows his knowledge level. The next big thing you can do is to talk to those runners who have been trained by this particular coach they will surely give you a better idea of him.

Yet another thing to opt for is to join the group coaching classes. This will save your money also. This too will help you to gain knowledge and the required skills. But if you want a highly personalised coaching plan, and then be sure to pay him more. You should have your requirements cleared out in front of him before you hire him.

There are a few runners who always expect the coach to be with them in the running sessions and off the course also, by making daily phone calls or accompanying the runner to the sports doctor or the nutritionist.
Once you hire a coach, it is essential that you completely rely on him and accepts all his advices and guidelines. Remember of doing your ‘homework’ carefully. Make the required changes in your running as your coach asks you to do.

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