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Tips for Kids Duathlon

Kids Duathlon Tips

AUG 31 2010

Kids duathlon includes a number of tips which will make it easier for you to let your kid emerge successful in the duathlon. The kid should exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, also include biking in his schedule. See that the kid is exercising properly. These are some important tips for kids duathlon.

Duathlon involves primarily two activities cycling and running together. This event is very much popular amongst the kids who participate in large numbers. In a number of cities duathlon is a regular event which is being organised for kids. For the kids it is a great event to come together and enjoy. Most of the kids come with their families and so it is like meeting of new people and making new friends.

Tips for Kids Participating in Duathlon

Those kids who participate in duathlon need to prepare themselves from beforehand only then they can actively participate in the run without exerting themselves. The first thing which is the responsibility of the parents is to ensure that the run is going to be safe and secure for their kids, after all the safety of the kid is more important than the run itself, you need to meet the authorities to make it clear that they have made all the proper arrangements for making the run a success.

Preparing Kids for Duathlon

The kids need to prepare themselves for the duathlon. It is good if you do some exercises before you come on the race day. This will make your body flexible and gives you strength enough to run as well as ride the bike at the same time. If you haven’t done the warm up then too chances are that you might not be able to compete in a proper fashion just like the other kids who might be well trained.

A little training from a few months before will be beneficial for the kids taking part in duathlon. Get a complete sleep if you want to remain active on the day of duathlon. You need to take care of your body also before the duathlon.
What your kids eat too matters. You need to give your child healthy foods which will give him lots of energy to perform his best. Once he has exercised make the kid drink lots of water, so that his body doesn’t become dehydrated. It is advisable that the kid practice exercises in your company or a coach who are having the perfect knowledge of the same.

The parents need to let their child start running daily, either in morning or evening. The bike on which the kid practices should also be good enough for biking, it should be comfortable so that the kid doesn’t find it difficult to practice.
When you let the kid to start practising, let him start slowly and then gradually build his performance level. Make sure that the kid doesn’t hurt himself in the duathlon.

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