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Tips for Running Fast

How to Run Fast

DEC 22 2010

How to run fast is a common question which disturbs most of the runners who are unable to run fast and thus lose the race without winning. Tips for running fast require various exercises which need to be done in a planned way. A combination of various factors together will surely improve your running speed.

Almost every runner has a desire to run fast, and to win the race. But this is not an easy task, as most of the runners fail to do so and stop running just in the middle. You need to know that you cannot start running fast in just a day or two rather it requires continuous practice and effort on your part. A large number of exercises and workout together will help you achieve your desired aim.

Tip for Running Fast

Running fast will cause discomfort in the beginning and may even cause cramps in the stomach. You should not be fearful of this. It occurs mainly because your body is not accustomed to fast running. Once you do it on a regular basis such discomfort will go.

You need to increase your stride turnover if you want to run fast. Start your running with a little warm up and jog and then set a target. Try to achieve that target by running fast and always count when your right foot is on the ground.
Interval workout is considered to be an effective strategy of increasing your running speed. It involves alternating running and jogging which you need to do after a time interval.

How to Run Fast

Try to keep your mind and body in a relaxed body, if you want to run fast. Most of the time, runners become tensed and keep their body stiff while running. This has a considerable downward effect on their running performance. Don’t clinch your hands or fist. Whenever you are running fast your aim should always be to look straight in the front rather than on the ground or anywhere else.

You need to cut your training in different periods and perform each of them one by one. Start with workouts which are easier and lighter ones and once you have developed the habit, try to move to workouts which are heavy and tough ones.

Always remember that simply running will not help you improve your running speed, rather what you need is more than that. This implies, that you should go for cross country training exercises once in a while and also do sometimes cycling, swimming and other sports activities as well.

Don’t ignore what you are eating, eat a healthy and nutritious diet which will give you energy to run faster. What you eat before the run matters a lot. Hence it is advised that you should only take a light meal and drink lots of water.

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