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Tips for Running a Mile

Tips on Running One Mile a Day

OCT 19 2009

Maintaining balance is crucial while runners run with their counterparts. Make running smoother by understanding the requirements of other participating runners. Avoid carrying loose change which may create annoying atmosphere for others. Don’t keep discussing about running related issues with all and sundry.

Implement genuine tips in your running routine if you really long to become committed runner besides extending helping hand to other runners.

Practical approach is important for runners who must be ready to face certain realities like they can’t be good in every run. Have optimistic approach while running a mile. Avoid making comparisons and prepare yourself for running by undergoing extensive training. There may be possibility that your recent run would not be up to the mark like earlier stints so be ready to face all such challenges.

Thinking unnecessarily about running schedules end into naught. Keep it in mind that even a bad run is far better than not running at all. Don’t listen to music while running and concentrate on your pace. You shouldn’t expect miracles to happen in a day or two. It is useless to get discouraged because you didn’t have weight loss the soonest. Be punctual in running and wait for best results to come.

Running and Diet:

Balanced diet is important for regular runners particularly for those who run for a mile. Don’t take excess food intake because you run regularly. Even runners can gain weight if they take improper diet. Powdered sports drink mix is better option than having premixed drinks which is cheap and beneficial too. Every pound you loose ascertains smooth running. Keep drinking water throughout the day on regular intervals. Drink enough electrolytes if you have planned for long distance running. Eat something every hour while you are on a long run.

Precautionary Measures:

Choose specific route for running a mile where corner stores are available. Stop there for a while to pick up water. Don’t take spicy foods before planning to run a mile. Make it a habit to eat or drink at least one hour prior to going for a long run.

Preventive Tips:

Runners should apply Vaseline or BodyGlide to avoid blistering or chafing. Make routine to increase mileage slowly. Don’t go for more than 10 percent each week and keep track of your improvement. Give space to resting between two hard runs. Begin with light running for better impact and avoiding injuries. Stretching before running is a bad idea. Slight warm up through walking briskly or jogging slowly is best practice.

Using hot tub after race brings unnecessary problem like increasing inflammation and hindering healing of injuries. Develop a habit to run early in the morning or later in evening to avoid mid-day heat. No doubt mile run is a challenge for runners but make it enjoyable.

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