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Tips on 5k Running Schedule

5k Running Schedule

OCT 18 2010

5k running schedule is important to follow if you want to really win the race. Tips on 5k running schedule will make it easy for the runners to know how to prepare for the run, how much exercise they need to do, how much effort is really needed for wining the run. If these steps are properly followed you can emerge a winner surely.

5K is one of the most popular races, in which a large number of runners take part in different parts of the world. 5k is said to be quite easier than marathon and other runs. Almost all enjoy taking part in this run be it the old or young or children.

How to Prepare for the 5k

You can easily get success in a 5k if you are careful enough and opt for all the required materials. The most important is that you need to have good running shoes. Don’t compromise on the quality of shoes, always buy good running shoes since if you feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing, you can surely not only enjoy the run. Pick shoes that fit your feet.

Your clothes too should be proper. They should not be too tight or rough or else they might cause excessive sweating, itching. Also take into account the weather conditions, wear clothes accordingly.

Make a clear plan for your running 5k. You need to practice rigorously on three days while the rest should be kept as rest days. These days will ensure that your injuries are getting healed properly and you can once again run with vigour. Rest is said to be very much important in your running schedule. Every week keep on increasing the miles you are covering in your running. Always perform stretching before and after running.

Setting a Goal for 5k

It is important that you have set a goal for yourself and that you are working to fulfil the same. Try to set small goals and achieve them. Thereon, keep on increasing your goal limit till you reach the maximum. This will keep you motivated.

Make a complete running schedule and stick to it. In between keep yourself rejuvenated by drinking lots of sports drink as well as eating a healthy and balanced diet. These factors are sometimes overlooked by the runners and hence the problems like stomach cramping, legs cramping occurs. If you want to avoid these, you should be particular on each aspect associated with running. Also try to include cross country training exercises in your running schedule.
Don’t eat heavily immediately and before the exercise. This is important for your fitness. Eat small amount of meals only along with juices. Listen to your body, if your body is feeling exhausted it is better that you stop exercising for the while. Never over exert your body. Make sure you are well prepared for the race day.

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