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Tips on Long Distance Bike Trips

Long Distance Bike Trips

JUL 6 2010

Long distance bike trips are one of the fun filled rides and people ride in flocks. But there are certain essential tips on long distance bike trips which if kept in mind will enable you to enjoy the ride more. You should have a good bike, you should be physically fit.

Biking is one of the most favourite hobbies of a large number of people, it is easy and fun filled. Almost a large group of cyclists could be seen riding around. When you go for long distance biking there are a number of tips which needs to be taken into account. The most essential is that you need to be physically fit to go for long distance biking. You need to get yourself checked to see that you are fit and can ride the bicycle. Once the doctor approves you, you need to move ahead.

Tips on Long Distance Bike Trips

The other thing which matters a lot is your bike type. It should be comfortable and according to your size. You need to invest a good amount in buying a bike depending upon what you intend to do at the biking schedule. As you have to ride for long hours you should buy a light bicycle with thin wheels, it should also have padded seat so that you are comfortable enough in your ride.

You can go for aluminium bikes which are certainly cheaper and makes a good ride for you. Travelling with four panniers is a better option than cycling with a rucksack. Since it might cause back pain.

With regard to the tyres of the bike it is a better option to buy Schrader valves than the presta valves since they have a better option of getting inflated at any garage which falls on the way. Don’t go without ample amount of money, it is good if you go with a Visa debit card which you can use in times of need.

Things you need to take

Don’t forget to take with you a sleeping gear as well as a camping pillow which you will need at the places where you stay in your long distance journey. Small backpacking tent is yet another viable option which will save you from all the journey worries.

Taking the requisite tools of your bike is yet another thing which you need not forget. It is very much possible that you might need the same at any time when you are riding the bike. You should at least keep with you spare rubber, allen wrench, pocket knife, screw driver when you go for the long distance ride. These things will help you a lot.

You should also keep the map of the route which you are riding. Never go along, try to go in a group. This will not just mean more enjoyment but safety as well.

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