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Tips to Buy Running Gear for Winter

Winter Running Gear Buying Guide

JUN 10 2010

Winter running gear makes it easy to go out for winter running, to protect yourself from harsh winds. Wear a thing lining inside the main clothes and gloves in hands is helpful. There are various tips to buy running gear for winter months, which includes proper trail shoes, winter jackets.

Running in winter months can be fun, provided you are having the right running gear with you. A large number of runners prefer to run in the months of winter so as to enjoy the most not just running but the beauty of winter months also.

There are a number of people who in fact stop moving out and prefer to work out on the treadmill. But winter months should in no way abstain you from going out for running if you are having the right running gear. The winter running gear in no way means you have to wear loads of clothes or heavy stuff, you can enjoy the run with just the perfect gear.

Protecting Yourself from Winter

By all means you need to cover your head and face, since the cold harsh winds might affect you directly on the head and face. So prevent your skin from getting chapped or frost bitten. Wear a thermal hat which includes a woollen hat will be perfect for you to keep yourself warm. You can also wear a neck gaiter which too will serve the same purpose of keeping you warm. It will cover your entire face except the face. Ski mask is also of a similar type, which will just leave your eyes open. Don’t forget to use Vaseline on your lips so as to prevent them from chapping.

Trail running shoes are the best shoes to be worn in winter months, they are water resistant shoes and thus mostly preferred by the runners. They are helpful in protecting the feet from harsh snow and moisture, as well as add grip to the feet.

Precautions you need to take in Running

Running in winter need extra precautions so always make it sure that you are protecting your hands and feet. Wear warm gloves in your hands and warm socks, which also need to be water resistant. Wear a thin warm layer of clothes inside your main clothes. A mid layer shirt is essential. A winter running jacket will also be helpful in keeping you warm.

You need to assess your heart rate whether you are physically fit or not to go for the winter running. This will enable you to know that you can enjoy the winter running. Wearing a sunscreen and sunglasses too might be helpful in protecting from winds. You also need to wear a reflective gear this will enable you to be seen even at night time so that you can run without any danger of accidents.

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