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Tips to Start Running

How to Start Running

MAY 6 2011

There are various kinds of effective tips to start running. You should always follow the right manner of running if you want to enjoy it. Don’t take stress, keep a check on the distance you have covered, run in the proper posture. How to start running is very easy to understand.

Running is an important forms of exercise where it is not just your body rather your mind too is involved. Almost all the athletes regard running as one of the best ways to stay fit physically and mentally.

Running in a Proper Manner:

  • Running however is not as easy as it seems to be. You need to start running with proper knowledge, care and right approach.
  • Before you start running, it is recommended that you should get a medical clearance from your doctor requiring that you are physically fit enough to go for such an activity.
  • It is very important that you buy the right kind of running shoes for yourself. This involves not compromising on the quality of the shoes and buying the shoes which fit your feet well enough.
  • Make a proper running routine and try to stick to it.
  • Don’t breathe heavily at the time of running. It is better if you take small and short breaths when you run.
  • Don’t forget to stretch before you have started running. This will make your body flexible enough.
  • You need to maintain a good running posture which is also very important.

Things to Remember While Running:

  • You should not bounce and this is the technique which you need to learn as to how to avoid bouncing at the time of running.
  • What is very important is that you need to be stress free when you are running, don’t consider it as an exam or something really tough. Rather it is very essential that you are enjoying each and every moment of your running.
  • Don’t skip running and don’t be irregular in running also. It is important that you go for it on a regular basis.
  • What matters the most to get an effective running in the morning hours is a good and sound sleep also. You need to sleep quite early if you want to be alert and active for the next day running.
  • Always keep good and proper running clothes for you. Don’t wear just anything when you go out for the run.
  • In order to be motivated for running you can always subscribe a running magazine in order to read other runners personal experience or else keep a running calendar with you to see your running growth.

It is very important that you should run with distance in your mind and not time. Make short distances as your goal and then run.

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