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Top 10 BMX Bikes

Best BMX Bikes

JUL 6 2010

There are various types of bmx bikes available in the market today, but when it comes to buying the same you should be aware of the top 10 bmx bikes. These are good for stunts and racing and hence preferred. Along with that your needs and requirements also matters a lot.

bmx bikes are one of the most desired bikes amongst the bikers, who use them for the biking. They are one of the most desirable bikes since they are good quality wise as well as from stability point of view. There are a number of bmx bikes which are available in the market today, but the question is as to which is the best bmx bike available. You need to know which is the best bmx bike only then you should go to buy the same. Basically the bmx bikes are built for stunts and hence they are quite strong bikes than the regular and normal bikes. Before buying the bmx bike, you need to know your requirements whether you need it for racing or for stunts. Only then you should buy the same.There are a number of bmx bikes available.

Matt Hoffman BMX Bike

It is one of the best bmx bike available. It has an HB condor frame, HB fat free fork. The bars of the bike are made up of the highrise bar. You can modify the forks of the bike by cutting the same as per your requirement. Eddie Cleveland, it is made up of eddie frame 20.75, it has plastic pedals, shadow chain. The bike also consists of mosh justice light wheels and mosh grips. For the comfort of the biker, it also has a fit eccd seat as well as fit eccd post.The tires are specially designed as per the requirements of the biker.

Bruno haffman- the forks as well as brakes are made up of the helium wethepeople, the chain is random, the seat post is also integrated. The pedals are made up of the odyssey plastic pedals. Sean sexton bike, these are also one of the best bmx bike, the pedals are made up of odyssey trail mix, sprocket include the kink sound 28t. The fork is made up of the odyssey pro race.

Corey Martinez

In this bmx bike the sprocket is united, crankset consists of Primo 175mm, the forks are made up of United Squad. Handlebars are from Trinity, and the brake lever is Odyssey. Yet other bmx bikes which needs to be included in the top ten are the Halo- it is one of the favourite bikes amongst the bikers.

Wethepeople too is a significant brand of the bmx, these are highly light weight bikes and hence well appreciated by the bikers. Apart from these kink, diamondback, mongoose, verde, black eyes are the other best bmx bikes available.

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