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Top 10 Kid BMX Bikes

BMX Bikes for Kids

JUL 15 2010

BMX bikes for kids are available in the market in different styles and colours. They are one of the best brands for the kids. For both the boys and girls they are available in different colours. Top 10 kid bmx bikes will ensure which are the most important bikes.

There are a number of bmx bikes for kids available to choose from. In fact it becomes a difficult choice as to which is the best bmx bike since there are a number of bmx bikes being offered by various companies. But keeping in view the needs and interests of the kids there are many colourful bmx bikes available for kids which surely they will love to have.

If your kid has already been riding the bikes, then it is okay if you simply hand him the money and ask him to buy the bike himself, as he wishes to. But if he is new to bike riding then surely you need to go along with him. For the teens who are just starting the bike riding it is essential that they start with the Mongoose Bikes. These are one of the most trusted and appreciated bikes and hence in top 10 bikes. Before buying the bike you also need to know the reason for buying the bike whether it is racing, dirt jumping or plain riding. The mongoose bikes fill all the above reasons and hence you can purchase them. These bikes also come with super light frames.

Haro X4 Pro BMX Bike '09

One of the best bmx bikes for kids and you can take any of the high level challenges with this bike. It comes with a three piece crankset as well as 36 spoke wheels. The Haro X4 Pro has Odyssey tires which gives you the perfect jump at uneven surfaces also. The other feature of the bike includes chromoly frame and fork. A must buy bike for the kids.

Haro Youth Z18 Bmx Bike '09

It appears to be the bike of all the rockstar kids who love to fun with the bike. It comes with 28 spoke wheels, it also has padded junior seat as well as plastic pedals also. It is basically for the girls since it is available in only pink colour.The good aspect is that these bikes are available within the budget also and are not very costly also.

Girls' Huffy Princess Single-Speed Bike - 12" ($59.99)

This bike is available for girls only and it is available online. It has coaster style brakes.

Some other bmx bikes but menat for boys include the Spider man bike which is available in Blue colour, Boys’ Huffy Enigma Dual-Suspension Bike, Boys’ Huffy Axis BMX Bike, it is available in silver colour.

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