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Top 10 Marathon Mistakes

How to Avoid Top 10 Marathon Mistakes In Future

SEP 16 2009

Running in shorts and wearing short-sleeved shirts are considered good. Capris shouldn’t be encouraged in marathons because they hit below knee and resultantly hot feeling develops even in fewer miles. As leg muscles overheat entire marathon hence runners must be provided with airy arrangement. Have light windbreaker if temperature is at 40 F or lower than that. Breathable long pants and light running gloves would do. Avoid mistakes and ensure that whatever item you wear in marathon on the race day must have been worn and checked in previous training sessions.

Marathons are something which requires best preparation from basics to the entire process until end hence new energy drinks, recovery drinks and energy bars etc must be carried for use on such occasions.

You may enjoy participating in marathons but do remember that your enjoyment can turn nightmare if mistakes happen. First of all don’t forget to carry best quality sports drinks, energy gels and snacks while participating in such events. They are of great help and keep control over your body in marathons. Eat plain food in pre-marathon dinner or breakfast to ensure that your bowels don’t upset you. If you don’t care in this it turns blunder. Avoid new shoes and choose those which have been worn at least 5 to 10 times earlier. Even new clothing should be avoided in such occasions.

Another deadly act which is considered blunder in marathons is choosing wrong thing at the right move. Wrong choice of sports drink during marathons invites numerous problems. Maintaining weight is important so weigh yourself before the start of marathon and do it again at the end to assess difference. Your weight should remain same in both the cases. Variation in weight means some complication is there.

The Mistakes: Getting foot blisters are important in marathon. Not preparing feet with lubricants, corn starch and sweat-wicking socks are unpardonable mistakes. Keep armpits, thighs, crotch, nipples and under-bra areas clean and safe. Do note that chafing is a form of torture in the final miles hence applying petroleum jelly at the checkpoints shouldn’t be ignored. Forgetting race number or timing chip is a blunder in marathons. Always keep your clothing and gear set-up ready a night before and prepare the checklist. Some participants wait for hours to snack. These practices must be avoided and balanced diet should be given preference. Never ever eat new snack offered to you on the course which you hadn’t tried earlier. Be firm about where to start and where to finish.

Top 10 Common Mistakes: These mistakes in marathon include lack of support; lack of belief; lack of motivation; wrong goal; wrong training programme; starting too fast; lack of knowledge; hydration and injury which leave runners at nowhere.

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