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Top 5 Sprinting Tips

5 Tips on Sprinting

OCT 25 2009

Sprinting is not an easy performing job. It should have strenuous workout schedule done only after being trained professionally. Usually terrains and their weather conditions remain different. Careful sprinting attempt is the need of the hour in multiple lap courses. Best tip in this regard is performing mock sprint and preparing for bigger leap. This is helpful for enjoying earliest lap in planned gear.

When you start sprint early make sure that wind direction is favorable for that purpose at final corner and road gradients don’t bother you in your attempt.

Apply best tips in your sprinting attempts. You can start this from up to 350m before finish line even in tailwind if planning is accurate. Secondary tip can be following wheel until final 50-100m in headwind. Begin your sprint with prudence once this phase is over. Thirdly, maintain proper distance and don’t go too far back in pack while sprint is in its inception. Power graph may do one shift in the midst of sprint hence overdoing must be avoided. Be careful and don’t forget this tip.

Actually each shift is a form of split second where acceleration is lost up to certain extent. That is why experienced sprinters shift once or twice in their finish. The case of road race is somehow different which remains extremely difficult in many cases. It is therefore important to scout out finishing meters before beginning races of such kind. Last but not the least perform at least 200m distance sprints but ensure that you have applied best preventive measures for that purpose.

Follow Best Techniques: Usually some sprinters commit mistakes by coming underneath when they enter and pass everyone on inside on final corner of the course before sprint is in its course. Such mistakes should be avoided because sprinters can get cut off easily from the rest group. And you will realize that the sprint you had thought about have already got over before its beginning. When this situation arises you won’t have any option left and will fail to start sprint of your choice. Follow balancing act by keeping yourself at specific position from where you are able to pass over other riders conveniently.

Drop Wheel: A clever sprinter should look for reaching in the top 10 position while entering into final meters even before the actual start of sprint. Possibility of someone stealing your wheel without you knowing it can’t be ruled out. Be cautious and stay on the wheel by maintaining your position.

Maintaining twice-weekly sprint session is excellent for amateur sprinters. Keep fitness level proper by doing warm up for at least 15 minutes. Tightening up and then running quickly end into slowing pace. Even shorter sprinting sessions may burn up to 4 calories a minute hence finishing such sessions definitely remain workable.

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