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Top 5k Running Events

Major 5K Running Events

APR 26 2010

Different 5K running events takes place across different cities with different aims. While for some they are just a fun run for others it is the best way to draw attention to the world’s social problems and thereby to raise money. In cities like Los Angeles, California, Washington DC top 5K running events are organised on a regular basis.

Running being one of the favourite sports around the world, a large number of running events keeps taking place around the world. They may be 5K run or 10 K run apart from the marathon. In fact training programmes are also conducted to help the runners get training for 5K runs/walk. 5K running events takes part in various countries.

The best aspect of a 5K race is that it is open to all the beginners also. Apart from this, it is regarded as the perfect event to show your running skills and speed. It also enhances your competitive zeal.

Revlon Run for Women

This 5K run is organised especially for the women runners. The aim of this run is to raise money for those women who are suffering from cancer as well as to draw attention towards the injustices suffered by women. The Revlon run takes place in cities like Los Angeles, Washington DC, NewYork, California.

Mercedes Benz Corporate Run

This is also a 5K run meant to help the people suffering from diseases like Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It takes place in a number of cities of Florida.

St. Luke’s Women Fitness Celebration

It takes place in Boise, Idaho and is a multi day event. The aim of the 5K race which is organised here is to celebrate women hood and give them the place of importance.

Bumble Bee Foods 5K Run/Walk

The race begins at Harbour Drive and Ash St. And it ends at the Tuna Harbour Park. It is a grand event as more than 10,000 spectators are present there to cheer up the runners. The winners are also presented with awards.

5K Fun Run

It is a fun run event organised by Inverclyde Leisure and the proceeds go to charity. Almost anyone from a beginner to an experienced runner can take part in this run. The course is very flat with only few road crossings to be met in between. It begins at the Waterfront Leisure Centre and moves towards the Esplande. This is quite a popular event with loads of people taking part in the race with active fervour.

Vandalia Freedom Tour / 5K Run

This event is being conducted since 1996. The aim of the events is to generate funds for the youth oriented programmes being organised in the Vandalia community. You are witnessed to some of the most picturesque valleys as you run through the entire course of the Miami valley.

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