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Top Abs Exercises for Runners

Runners Abs Exercise

OCT 14 2008

Aside from having strong heart and legs, runners should also focus on strengthening the abs. It can definitely improve performance and also provide stability in the body.

Bicycle exercises, exercise ball, vertical crunch, ab rocker and vertical leg crunch are top ab exercises for runners.

For runners, it is important that you focus on having strong heart and legs. Don’t forget that you also need to strengthen your core especially your abs. You need to develop strong muscles in your abs. It not only gives you a good body but it can also improve your performance and reduce injuries. Having a strong and well fit abs can have an effect in your running time. The stronger your core is the stable you will be. Here are some top abdominal exercises that could help you develop it to make it stronger and stable. Remember if you are doing a routine; take a break before repeating a series. Make sure that you are moving slowly and aiming for total control.

  • Bicycle exercisev – the best move that can really target the abs and waist. Lie on the floor, face up then lace your fingers at the back of your head. Bring you knees towards your chest and lift shoulder blades from the ground. Straighten one leg and other in a 45 degrees angle and turn upper body to the right bringing your left elbow to your right knee. Switch sides.
  • Exercise Ball – this is an equipment if you want to strengthen your abs. You can buy this at specialty stores. Lie down on the ball with your face side up. Cross your arms over the chest. Contact your abs as your lift the torso off the ball. Pull the bottom of ribcage towards your hips. Remember to keep the ball stable. Lower your back while stretching your abs.
  • Vertical crunch – This can really work both in your lower and upper body. Lie on your back and extend your legs up the ceiling. Place your hands in your head and contract the abs to lift your shoulders off the floor. Press the heels toward the ceiling that would create a u shape with the torso. Lower down your legs.
  • Ab rocker – This is an effective way to have flat abs. You can buy this equipment in sports store. Sit on the ab rocker and grab the bars. Contract the abs to rock forward. Make sure that the momentum comes from the abs. Release and repeat for 12-16 times.
  • Vertical Leg Crunch – This is an exercise that targets the abs and oblique. Lie on the floor with your face up. Extend the legs straight with knees crossed. Contract your abs and lift your shoulders off the floor. It is like reaching your chest with your feet. Keep your legs in fixed position while bringing your belly button in your spine. Lower and repeat.


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